Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Where do I get Rare Chest keys to open it on Paradise Island 2?

How's your Paradise Island 2 progress so far? Chest keys can be found in the Treasure Hunter's Lucky Boxes. You can also find it in the regular box that reloads every 3 hours (after you open it). The thing is, you have to be really really patient. For you to open the Lucky Boxes, you have to accumulate 200 gears that you can play from the Speedboat Game "Search the waves".

It's just annoying that you can't move the treasure box until you find these keys. Which means you can't build anything there until you open it. Lest you have money to speed up your progress, it takes a lot of time and patience!

EDIT: You can move the treasure boxes! Just press hold the treasure box and you'll be able to move it.

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